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23: My actual age of adulthood?

While most people think that one reaches adulthood when you turn 21, I actually think I truly attained it when I turned 23.

I recall that when I first turned 20 years old, my best friend asked me what kind of a woman I wanted to be when I actually become an adult of 21 and over.

I said that I imagined myself to become a confident and self-assured woman who can be relied upon for anything.

I did not reach that point in life when I was 21.

But when I turned 23 not too long ago, I reflected that night in my bed and was glad that I had come this far in life to grow just a bit closer to the type of woman I envisioned myself to be.

I have loved and lost, and have learned twice over about how to free myself from those toxic emotional burdens and focus my attention on what truly matters to me.

My shoulders have grown wider and more capable of handling more responsibility from authorities, be they from relatives or from my leaders in my choir.

I've learnt the joy of serving and taking care of the needs of others, and have grown from a self-centered princess (I AM the youngest kid in my family after all ^^;;; ) to a reliable helper to those around me.

I've learnt how to be happy for others and how to put their happiness above my own.

I've taken up initiatives in activities that I know will benefit me.

Perhaps the only thing I have yet to actually change is the lack in desire to communicate and connect with strangers- in reality I'm still probably as aloof and cold (in appearance) as ever in my uni. But I suppose I can leave that till I'm 25 or something and when talking to strangers is no longer a choice but a necessity. ^^;

I might not be quite there yet, I can feel that I'm at least a good number of steps closer to becoming the self-actualised woman I've wanted myself to be.

What a time to be alive indeed. (:

Here's to another year of improving myself to be a better woman than ever.

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