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Into the New Year

Happy 2016, guys! ^^

As people would have noticed, I've resumed fanfic writing with a whole new Ohmiya series "From Then Till Now". This is the first time I'm writing a fanfic with so much angst in the beginning. (I had to cut short the latest chapter because I was angst-rambling well into 3k words LOL)

So, about some updates on my life outside a fanfic author...


Unfortunately, Melvin the Macbook died last year from an unfortunate encounter with the rain. My brother and father saw this as a chance for me to get a new upgrade and persuaded me to use a PC instead of a Mac. Well.. I'm still trying to get used to using a Windows OS, but I guess I'll live. Meanwhile, I'm using a lean, mean, PC machine whom I christened the name.. "Prometheus". XD

That also meant that my external hard disk drive is unreadable, because it was already formatted to be read by a Mac OS. *SIGH* ALL MY ARASHI CONCERTS, VARIETY SHOWS AND DRAMA SERIES ARE THERE TOO. TT^TT
I'll have to get them somehow using a friend's computer. *sigh* XD

2. SIMS 4!

I've started playing Sims 4. I've successfully gotten married on my own, so now I'm trying something new.
I initially thought of adding my family members but decided to try out managing three Sims- me and two other friends as roommates. I wonder how things will go for the three of them. XD

3. Studies are.... oooookay?

During my holiday of two weeks in December I took a long break off studying and have found myself behind in my studies. But as the new year came, somehow I've found the motivation to start studying. Well, better to have that drive now than when May comes. ._.

It's going to be a bit busy for me as I try to juggle between gaming, writing, fangirling and studying. But I guess I'll somehow manage it. ^^



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