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After watching today's VS Arashi, I really need to say this.


(Picture is not mine. Thanks, sadakko!)

I mean, if you have read Sho's recent Otonoha, I think the family trip to the hot springs must have really worked wonders in relieving his stress.
You have no idea how happy it makes me, considering that the last time I saw him on NEWS ZERO he looked so tired.

Good to see that even workaholic!Sho (with his impossibly strict schedule too!) knows the importance of taking a break and spending quality time with his family. Hopefully when I start working in a few years, I'll be able to do the same even if things get incredibly busy.

Speaking of his Otonoha, apparently some Johnny's fanclub members left after seeing it.


Apparently I heard that some fanclub members were unhappy with the fact that he was writing about his happy activities even while in the middle of a rumour that he was dating an announcer.

*sigh* Fandom.

I can understand that they might want a clarification of the nature of their relationship, but... seriously? -_-
What ELSE are you expecting on Otonoha? You cannot possibly expect him to clarify the rumours on this particular channel. It's simply not appropriate.
Moreover, isn't it actually a good thing that in spite of all the rumors surrounding him, he was still able to grow closer to his coworkers or spend time with his family? If one looks at things objectively and set the rumours aside as a separate issue, leaving the fanclub over such a petty issue is really their loss.

Besides... GIVE THE MAN A BREAK. I'm sure it was not easy having to deal with the paparazzi stalking him all the time even when he has to get to and from various work venues. Making mad tweets about him or even leaving the fanclub will not help the rumours resolve itself any faster. So instead of raving about it, just take a chill pill and appreciate the fact that even though things are still as stressful as ever, he is now refreshed from his break and is still doing his best to take on his job.

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