Sho... How did you get on my FB chat?!

So I was just minding my own business when...

*falls off chair * wait, what?  Sho?  Did you just get on Facebook and started messaging me first?!

*slow deep breaths * oh. Another one.

*kyun ~, blushes *
... Yeah, me too. I've yet to even breathe in air from Japan, you know.  XD

Yeah, I get that a lot.  ;D

*LE gasp *... But I'm not a cook, dear. I cook just as well as you ;_;
My mom made us oats though.

Sure.  Though I doubt you'll like it, dear. We both live to eat XD

*snaps back to reality*

Of course, Sho did not really go on FB and neither did he send me those. (sad sigh)
But, here's a wonderful app that sends these random messages to you.  You can even add in your own messages! 

I'm trying this to see how the messages change throughout the day.

Android users - go to the Play store and download Mydol now!


RL: Rainbow_teatime's ゴージャス Christmas (1)

Decided to do a Christmas special since I'm in a Christmas-y mood these days.  ^^

Any idea what the above is?  Sealing wax. Remember back in the good old days when people use these to seal their letters?  I managed to get them cheap in a bulk order XD

I don't know how this happened, but I was just randomly cutting up my scrapbook paper into 9 pieces, and somehow the birthdays of my two friends appeared very nicely. XD  what can I say?  That piece of paper was made for December babes XD

My attempt at Gothic lettering. Yes, I have a fountain pen that I actually write with.  :D

Presenting... My friends' Christmas presents ~~ but of course, I'm wrapping them another day. Cards require so much work!  ><

I shall get back to these now. I'll be right back ~~ *wave wave *

AnimeXArashi: The Members

YAYYYY Okay I can study for a while longer and sleep now XD 



YAYYY Okay time to put them all together

Anime!Aiba-kun and the attack of the plush animals.

one all five members of Arashi- uploading Sho's and Jun's later.


Anime X Ohmiya~~

I think I found Kageyama.
I wonder if it really does look like him. Comments? 

About the author: How she (somewhat) looks like

MyStyle (2)

Because renchan27, akhikaru, and sky_fish7 have created anime avatars of themselves, I decided to do the same, just so people have a rough idea what I look like in real life.

This is actually pretty close to what I look like. Let's put aside the uniform for the time being, shall we? XD

But my hair is really straight and almost always in a ponytail (sometimes unkempt when in a rush, but still a ponytail). My eyes are a little darker though. It seems that it's the darkest brown that they can go, so... ._. XD

I was so surprised to be able to find my side fringe in this game. XD

I've tried to go for a more serious look, since I think that's how I look like most of the time, but I think I ended up looking more menacing than serious LOL #fail

I have to say this is pretty cool, and would be even more so if every fanfiction author could add a personal touch to their pages/communities by creating an avatar of themselves. It'd be so fun. ^^

Time to get back to writing "Reaching You". I've had so much going on these days, and I'm determined to get back to writing.


MyStyle (2)

Look who my new best friend in my room is.

Cost me $80 . Well,  the only thing missing is an ink ribbon spool...

I might try typecasting from time to time.


Ahh... to be able to own a piece of history and actually use it just makes me so happy.  ^^

Dear You,

"There could have never been two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison, no countenances so beloved."

Thank you for the two years, my first love.

There will probably never be another guy who likes nerds or girls with imagination and brains (other than zombies).

I wish you all the very best, and I hope you would find it in yourself to trust yourself again, and that I would have the good fortune of finding someone your equal or better.

Best wishes,

Your first ex-girlfriend.


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