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30 Would You Rather Questions to figure out who you should be with.


Just saw this article here and I needed a place to vent. So, do not mind me. XD (seriously, don't.)

1. Would you rather date someone who’s highly ambitious about their career, or someone who cares more about passions outside of work?

I would want someone who is highly ambitious about their career. Somehow, being with this sort of person can help to motivate me to do a better job and encourage me to aim high in my career. I need someone to give me a reason to work hard and to work up.

2. Would you rather be with someone who wants to start a family in the very near future, or someone who’d like to wait a few years to really figure things out?

Ehhhh. In my honest opinion, I do not plan to have kids. At all. I sincerely hope to God and pray that I need not have kids in the future. Even if my partner wants kids, I hope that he would give it some very very VERY careful thought and consider the hefty expenses that would be made. Therefore... I'll want someone who would wait a few years at least.

3. Given the choice, would you want to be in a relationship in which one of you eventually becomes the primary income source and the other is the primary caregiver, or would you rather be in a relationship where both of you work?

I'd rather we both work and be successful. :D

4. Would you rather be with a thrill-seeker, who likes to travel and skydive and try various dangerous things, or would you rather date someone who is more calm and serene?

That's too much adventure for me. No sirree. I'd rather have someone who is calm and serene.

5. Do you want to be with someone who’s confrontational and places the problem right on the table, or someone who approaches issues between you in a more careful, gentle way?

I understand that there will be problems that have to be talked out from time to time, but I receive the issue at hand better if he puts it across to me in a careful, gentle way. In the end, I'd be grateful that he even tried to put it in a way that I can accept.

6. Would you rather date someone who’s interested in a very active social life, with parties and events and activities every other night, or someone who’s more of a homebody, and prefers to stay in with you or hang out in smaller, quieter groups?

... ... ... I'm not interested in too much excitement. I'd rather date a homebody. Someone who would bring me along to his small dudes-only gatherings (occasionally), stay home and watch some old movies and TV series with me or read some books with me.. XD

7. Would you rather be with a night owl or an early bird?

A night owl. :D

Having someone to accompany me when I cannot sleep helps. XD

8. Do you want to be with someone who prefers to watch comedies or dramas and thrillers?

Dramas and thrillers. :D There's nothing like a good drama series when it comes to discussing character development and possible plot developments.

9. Do you want someone who is deeply romantic – someone who is always open about their feelings and likes to be tender and affectionate? Or would you rather be with someone who is more mysterious, subtle, and slow to reveal their emotions, but still feels things all the same?

I don't need someone who is THAT romantic and surprises me with flowers, chocolates and promises he never intends to keep XD (flowers are nice but rather impractical- I have no idea where to keep them even if I receive them)

Someone mysterious and subtle will tend to keep me on my toes more.

10. Is it more important for them to be able to make you laugh, or for you to feel like you can have an intellectual conversation with them?

I would prefer it if he could have an intellectual conversation with me. I would very much like to share what I know and learn more about what I do not know. Unromantic, I know. XD But it kind of gives me an idea as to how he thinks. And that in itself is fascinating.

11. Would you rather be with someone who has all the same interests as you – same favorite movies, same hobbies, same taste in music, etc? Or do you want to be with someone who’s the complete opposite of you so that you can introduce each other to new things?

Same interests please. XD I cannot, for the life of me, imagine myself accompanying a jock-ish guy to a game that I have no idea about. (No offense, jocks out there. I'm just not the type of girl you should hang around with. I'd make boring company XD)

I would prefer someone who likes to read, write, listen to music (any kind would do)... homely stuff.

Btw, when it comes to 'reading', I refer to the purposeful perusal of decent literature. "50 Shades of Grey" and "Twilight" do NOT count as decent literature, in my humble opinion. ._.

12. Does religion matter? Would you rather end up with someone who practices the same religion that you do, or are you flexible in that area?

I'm a Christian, and therefore I have certain commitments and a specific set of values and goals. Therefore, I would prefer someone with the same religion too.

13. Would you rather be with someone who wants to move all over the place, live in various cities, and constantly be exploring? Or would you be happier with someone who’s interested in building a life in one single place for a long period of time?

Mmm I understand the appeals of travelling from time to time but I do wish that we would settle in one comfortable spot.

14. Are you more interested in someone who likes to plan out date nights, from the happy hour to the restaurant to the after-dinner venue? Or do you want to be with someone who is more spur-of-the-moment?

If we are going on a date, I would want some structured planning so that I have an idea what to expect next. Therefore... I'd like someone who plans.

15. Do you need to be with someone who’s completely independent and often in need of their own space, or someone who’s a little more co-dependent and likes to do things together, frequently?

Definitely completely independent. I know myself to be independent of company most of the time and it would be easier for him if he were the same. I'd like it that we both find space for different things, and yet still come together from time to time to do stuff together.

16. A wine-and-beer kind of drinker, or someone who prefers cocktails? Does it matter to you?

Not really. Am not the drinking type to know anyway.

17. Would you rather be with someone who’s really into playing sports and doing physical things, or someone who prefers activities that don’t involve hand-eye coordination?

Well... clearly the sports-type arent for me. I would prefer someone who is less active.

18. Do you want a nature-lover who enjoys being outside as much as possible in big open spaces, or someone who’s more of a city person?

A city person is someone I can relate to better.

19. If you go on vacation together, would you rather be with someone who will lay on the beach with you all day, drinking margaritas and reading books, or someone who will be active with you, and is ready to go surfing or parasailing at the drop of a hat?

I want someone who would accompany me on the beach with a good book. He could read his Stephen King while I can read my Jane Austen. XD

20. Are you more interested in the person who’s the life of the party, in the center of the circle making everyone laugh, or the person sitting calmly in the back, who strikes up a conversation with you and intrigues you from the start?

I prefer someone who sits in the back and strikes up a convo with me. I'm not sure I like being in the centre of a party with anyone.

21. Do you want to be with someone who will indulge in your guilty pleasures, such as watching trashy reality shows and eating peanut butter out of the jar, or someone who is more of an upbeat go-getter?

I would like someone who is indulgent of me. XD

22. Are you looking for a passionate, intense Noah-and-Allie from The Notebook situation, or something equally as strong but more silly and quirky, such as Leslie-and-Ben from Parks and Recreation?

I have watched neither, but I think a silly and quirky relationship is more for me XD While I am a romantic, I would prefer it if we are people who can be ourselves around each other. I want to flail about my fangirlism and I want him to talk about his games and TV series and stuff.

Basically, I like weird people who have a passion for something, be it games, books, TV series or something else that I can relate to.

23. If you’re in the mood to watch a movie, do you want someone who’s going to go out to a theater with you at eleven o’clock at night, your bags stuffed with candy from Walgreens, or would you prefer someone who will eat homemade popcorn with you while you watch a movie from the comfort of your own home?

I'm fine with either, to be completely honest. I'd go anywhere or stay anywhere if it were with him.

24. Does it matter if they’re a cat person or a dog person or none of the above?

I'm going to go with a cat person. Just in case my dream of owning a nice, fat, pampered cat comes true.

25. Do they have to be a neat-freak, or are you more comfortable with someone who’s laid-back when it comes to household duties and overall messiness?

I get the concept about having a clean place, but I would rather have someone who is laid-back.

26. Are you looking for someone who’s going to order take-out and and sit on the floor with you every night while you guys eat it in front of the tv, or someone who’s interested in preparing somewhat-healthy, homemade meals multiple times a week?

I'm fine with both. XD When it comes to food, I'm not really picky XD

27. Do you want a book-lover or a movie-watcher?

I want a book-lover. For one, the book of anything is better than the film. XD
Also, I just like the idea of spooning with him while reading a nice, good book.

28. Would you have more fun with someone you can argue and debate with, or someone whose opinions lie in a similar area to yours?

When it comes to opinions on matters, I think I would be more engaged in the discussion if he has a different opinion. We can spar on different topics together from time to time, like the different reasons why Frozen is nice but highly-overrated or when and why should Euthanasia be allowed and stuff like that. :D

29. Would you rather be with someone who wants to have a big family, or someone who’d like to really think about it and maybe have one or two children?

... no kids preferably. If I HAVE to... a small family.

30. Do you need to be with a cuddler and all-around consistent spooner, or someone who prefers to roll to the other side of the bed when you go to sleep so that you both have plenty of space?

In bed, I always need something to snuggle with, be it my stuffed rabbit or stuffed cushion. Therefore.. I'd like a consistent spooner and cuddler XD
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