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Okay. I'm back. Goodness.

January has been such a flurry- examinations and plannings and birthday parties and.. *faints*

I've been having dehydration problems and am chugging down jugs of water. The weather here in Singapore is already heating up and it's only past the beginning of FEBRUARY.

Due to upcoming preliminary examinations, revision classes and finals, it seems that fanfiction writing has to take a back seat for a short while.

Am probably going to conclude "Reaching You" really quickly and leave whatever plans I've had for the rest of it as an upcoming sequel after my finals. (Likely to be entitled "Keeping You").

Haiis. Alright. Time to re-read and review "Reaching You" before updating and making a formal announcement...

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Im frm sg too! XD god the exam here are horrible glad u managed to pull though :)

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