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Of nominations, registrations and bad sore throats.


Oh goodness will I ever get better?

I missed my choir practice yesterday because my throat was horrible. ><


In the mean time.. examination registrations for my university has already started... and I'm QUITE uncertain as to whether my sister is still in Singapore to help pay for my fees. ._. Well... it's back-to-school now in Singapore so I'm quite sure she should be available. Heh. ^^; *groans at the amount of niggling paperwork to do*

In other news..

Apparently.. ARASHI FANFIC AWARDS IS HERE~ *cough cough COUGH* .. .excuse me.

But wow- 2 years worth of fics, how on earth am I going to select them? There are just so, so many of them that I have read that had inspired me to enter fanfic writing in the first place!

Mayhaps I ought to check out the ones that I've read in my junior college days. *wonders*

And there's also my AO3 archive which has been sadly neglected. I should update it and make ONE available alternative to teatimefics just in case anything gets nominated. (Which if any of them did, I'd be very, VERY flattered, since I've only been writing for a year or so. ^^; )

Well... I have until Valentine's Day, and since as of November last year I have been rendered single... I probably can afford the time to plan everything out XD

Here's to a great time of nominating, fics searching, exam-registering and a better throat. *COUGH cough*



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