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So apparently, I have heard that one fangirl who was a member of storm_freaks got her account suspended.

Yeah, you read right.


I do not even know why in the world her journal was suspended by Livejournal. I don't even think SHE knows why it happened or what to do about it.

But the thing is, if it could happen to her..

It could happen to me.

(I mean, I don't just write fanfics. lol. I write slash. And I skyrocket my ratings all the way to NC-17. XD )

And this also means that it could happen to anyone- I mean - ANYONE who writes slash Arashi fanfics.

So dearest fellow Arashi fanfiction writers, I know that it is a difficult decision as to whether you should move over to Dreamwidth or not. But judging from the case above, I do not know how long my own journal and fanfic community are going to stay up and avoid the blunt sweep of the delete/suspend hammer of LJ. I am pretty sure that you, fellow writers, would be thinking about this as well as you watch LJ start on enforcing its new TOS.

Please take this piece of advice- if you are really reluctant to move, at least start with a backup blog at Dreamwidth and repost everything over there. In THIS DW LINK, I have made a comprehensive guide on using a 3rd party Windows program to repost everything from LJ to DW. You can even use DW's own importing service- it is SLOW AF, but it works.

This way, even as the hammer swings down, at least you KNOW you have a backup copy of all the hard work YOU have put into every written masterpiece.

I'm going to leave this on my journal in hopes that every writer (and reader) are better able to see the urgency of this move.

I will speed up my progress on tidying up the links on my new fic comms. I hope I will still be able to make it back in time to inform everyone when the new comms open.

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