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06 March 2017 @ 06:36 pm

Hai hai~ domo~

rainbow_teatime desu~ Yoroshiku!

I've recently returned to Livejournal, so whenever I'm not posting fics over at teatimefics, I would be ranting about anything and everything right here. Hee. ^^;

Feel free to lurk around on my personal journal and leave comments and likes and whatnot. I won't bite. I promise. ;)

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Alright, excuse me while I drag my socially awkward self away. *hides*

Ciao ciao! ^^/

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23 April 2017 @ 10:40 am
I can finally make this announcement:


Anyone who wants to join can go right ahead and dive in:

>>> Tea Time Fics

>>> Burgundy Boudoir

Phew, I spent so much time on the layouts and the links and whatnot. I am beat. X.X

I can now return to studying for my exams with a peace of mind. ^^;


So apparently, I have heard that one fangirl who was a member of storm_freaks got her account suspended.

Yeah, you read right.


I do not even know why in the world her journal was suspended by Livejournal. I don't even think SHE knows why it happened or what to do about it.

But the thing is, if it could happen to her..

It could happen to me.

(I mean, I don't just write fanfics. lol. I write slash. And I skyrocket my ratings all the way to NC-17. XD )

And this also means that it could happen to anyone- I mean - ANYONE who writes slash Arashi fanfics.

So dearest fellow Arashi fanfiction writers, I know that it is a difficult decision as to whether you should move over to Dreamwidth or not. But judging from the case above, I do not know how long my own journal and fanfic community are going to stay up and avoid the blunt sweep of the delete/suspend hammer of LJ. I am pretty sure that you, fellow writers, would be thinking about this as well as you watch LJ start on enforcing its new TOS.

Please take this piece of advice- if you are really reluctant to move, at least start with a backup blog at Dreamwidth and repost everything over there. In THIS DW LINK, I have made a comprehensive guide on using a 3rd party Windows program to repost everything from LJ to DW. You can even use DW's own importing service- it is SLOW AF, but it works.

This way, even as the hammer swings down, at least you KNOW you have a backup copy of all the hard work YOU have put into every written masterpiece.

I'm going to leave this on my journal in hopes that every writer (and reader) are better able to see the urgency of this move.

I will speed up my progress on tidying up the links on my new fic comms. I hope I will still be able to make it back in time to inform everyone when the new comms open.



It seems that importing my teatimefics entries is going to take over a day. Can someone please sponsor some servers to DW so they can import things faster? XD

Apparently, homosexuality is considered to be illegal in Russia. Considering that Livejournal has shifted over to Russian servers and teatimefics(LJ) is filled to the brim with slash fanfiction (which can possibly be considered as "propaganda" relating to homosexuality)...
I can almost see the delete-hammer in the horizon now. Arashilive.LJ is already deleted, so... )':


I have heard from some users that they are worried about forgetting to join my DW community/ add me as a friend on DW and stuff like that.
Therefore, I have been working on the layout of the two fanfiction communities under my wing to ensure that it is aesthetically appealing.
Livejournal-turned-Dreamwidth users, you get what I mean, don't you? XD Life just isn't the same without Flexible Squares.

Right now, I'm happy to say that I have finished with the layouts.

So Dreamwidth Arashians..


Membership to both communities are moderated right now, because.. well.. they are not ready for viewing yet. They are empty. It'd be truly embarassing for peeps to join a community and open it up to see that there is nothing in there XD

So instead, I'm letting interested DW users apply for membership in advance just so they won't have to worry about forgetting to add me/my comms later on. Membership will be approved once DW has finished importing my entries (please be quick, DW), and I will then set the community access to be open to everyone else. Early application will just give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of being one of the first peeps to see the newly-improved fanfiction communities XD

So yeah, if you are shifting to Dreamwidth and you wish to apply for membership early, go right ahead~ :D

Meanwhile, I will go back to waiting on Dreamwidth to finish importing my works. -_-;;;


06 April 2017 @ 03:46 pm

If you have logged into Livejournal recently, you would have noticed that there has been a new Terms of Service.
There is apparently no major change to privacy and data security, according to LJ.
I have no idea what they mean by major and minor changes. But if data privacy is going to be compromised in anyway (especially relating to famous Jpop groups) I would feel really unsafe. Fansubbing comms probably foresaw that danger and took measures to shift their comms to DW too.
Also, apparently accounts inactive for 6 months or so will be deleted (SERIOUSLY?!).

Therefore, I have made a decision with some other fanfiction writers to shift our fanfic communities and journals over to Dreamwidth.

What this move means:

1) Importing of fanfiction works

Don't worry if you aren't TOO open to the shift to Dreamwidth (DW) just yet- I will NOT be deleting this journal or teatimefics- I will simply be copying them over to a fanfic comm in DW. In future (probably in June or so), my new works will be cross-posted from DW to LJ.

2) Complete shift of NC-17 fics

I have absolutely no idea what the Russian laws dictate when it comes to content and data privacy (since I cannot read Russian), but a fellow fanfic writer suggested that I delete my NC-17 fics, just to be safe.

BEFORE YOU PANIC- these won't be wiped off the face of the Earth (heaven forbid if all my smoking-hot fics suddenly poofed), I have actually decided to set u another fanfic community EXCLUSIVELY for NC-17 - R content. I have actually toyed with this idea for a while since the start of 2017 but did not see the point of starting it in LJ (since most readers of my fics read it in TTF anyway). But since I would be moving to a new blogging platform.. why not? XD

If you want to join me in the shift to DW (in case things get bad on LJ and privacy is compromised), you can do the same. XD

My username on DW is unchanged: rainbow_teatime.
Feel free to add me in your circle if you DO go on DW.

Once I have set up the various communities, I will give an official "MOVED" announcement( along with the URLs to the two fanfic comms) here and on TTF so that no one misses out on this big step.

Finally, I want to thank EVERYONE on LJ who has commented or liked any of my fanfics- nothing really makes me happier than to learn that any of my works had made your day in one way or another. As I start moving to DW and cross-posting from there, I truly hope that my fanfic works could continue to do the same.



P.S. Teatimefics' username on DW remains unchanged. But do not go there yet- it's still WORK-IN-PROGRESS. XD

18 March 2017 @ 12:23 am

Unfortunately, it is time for preparing for my exams (again) and it is an incredibly stressful time right now.

I have taken a bit of a break recently but I'm just about to put my nose back into the grindstone and focus entirely on my studies so that my return to the blissful, heavenly world of fanfiction would be really sweet. <3

I DO have some fics still half-done and I really want to finish those but I might be a bit slow on the writing because.. you know.. priorities. ;_;

( I really want to start working so that fic-writing could be the other thing I focus on apart from my job ._. )

So I'm just going to leave this post here and take a temporary leave from fanfic writing- I will be back by June 2017 when my exams for the year are over. ^^;

* \ ( ^ . ^ ) / *

P.s. I will probably still be around every now and then to check up on my comms and whatnot but that really is about it ^^;

16 March 2017 @ 07:33 pm

After watching today's VS Arashi, I really need to say this.


(Picture is not mine. Thanks, sadakko!)

I mean, if you have read Sho's recent Otonoha, I think the family trip to the hot springs must have really worked wonders in relieving his stress.
You have no idea how happy it makes me, considering that the last time I saw him on NEWS ZERO he looked so tired.

Good to see that even workaholic!Sho (with his impossibly strict schedule too!) knows the importance of taking a break and spending quality time with his family. Hopefully when I start working in a few years, I'll be able to do the same even if things get incredibly busy.

Speaking of his Otonoha, apparently some Johnny's fanclub members left after seeing it.


Apparently I heard that some fanclub members were unhappy with the fact that he was writing about his happy activities even while in the middle of a rumour that he was dating an announcer.

*sigh* Fandom.

I can understand that they might want a clarification of the nature of their relationship, but... seriously? -_-
What ELSE are you expecting on Otonoha? You cannot possibly expect him to clarify the rumours on this particular channel. It's simply not appropriate.
Moreover, isn't it actually a good thing that in spite of all the rumors surrounding him, he was still able to grow closer to his coworkers or spend time with his family? If one looks at things objectively and set the rumours aside as a separate issue, leaving the fanclub over such a petty issue is really their loss.

Besides... GIVE THE MAN A BREAK. I'm sure it was not easy having to deal with the paparazzi stalking him all the time even when he has to get to and from various work venues. Making mad tweets about him or even leaving the fanclub will not help the rumours resolve itself any faster. So instead of raving about it, just take a chill pill and appreciate the fact that even though things are still as stressful as ever, he is now refreshed from his break and is still doing his best to take on his job.

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"Yes, there's a lot of letters."

06 March 2017 @ 05:30 pm

While most people think that one reaches adulthood when you turn 21, I actually think I truly attained it when I turned 23.

I recall that when I first turned 20 years old, my best friend asked me what kind of a woman I wanted to be when I actually become an adult of 21 and over.

I said that I imagined myself to become a confident and self-assured woman who can be relied upon for anything.

I did not reach that point in life when I was 21.

But when I turned 23 not too long ago, I reflected that night in my bed and was glad that I had come this far in life to grow just a bit closer to the type of woman I envisioned myself to be.

I have loved and lost, and have learned twice over about how to free myself from those toxic emotional burdens and focus my attention on what truly matters to me.

My shoulders have grown wider and more capable of handling more responsibility from authorities, be they from relatives or from my leaders in my choir.

I've learnt the joy of serving and taking care of the needs of others, and have grown from a self-centered princess (I AM the youngest kid in my family after all ^^;;; ) to a reliable helper to those around me.

I've learnt how to be happy for others and how to put their happiness above my own.

I've taken up initiatives in activities that I know will benefit me.

Perhaps the only thing I have yet to actually change is the lack in desire to communicate and connect with strangers- in reality I'm still probably as aloof and cold (in appearance) as ever in my uni. But I suppose I can leave that till I'm 25 or something and when talking to strangers is no longer a choice but a necessity. ^^;

I might not be quite there yet, I can feel that I'm at least a good number of steps closer to becoming the self-actualised woman I've wanted myself to be.

What a time to be alive indeed. (:

Here's to another year of improving myself to be a better woman than ever.

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03 March 2017 @ 04:18 pm


Nope, I'm far from dead on livejournal. XD

I'm just in the middle of preparations for my final exams for the year. I'm already graduating a year late as it is and I'm just trying to realign my focus again.

Seeing that I have left my personal livejournal so SADLY neglected, I have decided to make a comeback here and give it a much-needed do-over.

I'm just going to post lots of random stuff whenever I feel like it, so please do not mind my passionate discussions whatsoever. :p

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